New names and domains…

Domains on the internet have pretty much to do with similar quite persisting things like first names, surnames, company names and brands, etc. They may have a lot of associations between them, such as email servers via DNS records, websites, and so on. While I had taken a liking to the old where this blog used to be, it didn’t feel personal enough for me for some reason. .bio TLDs are in general a family of new TLDs on the internet meanwhile .com TLDs originate from the 80s and are more traditional, which I like.

As a kid, I wanted to have my own website mainly for the sake of having one when blogs weren’t even a known thing. Unfortunately, someone had registered in ‘2004-12-31 19:13:45’. Obviously, I had been over 9 years old at that point and in no position to know what a domain even is and when I was later at least a little more grown up, it was already too late to have it.

Yesterday marked a change to this as I went, and managed to buy the for my keeping. It originated from an aftermarket so it was a little more expensive to purchase, but that wasn’t an issue since I had kept my eye on the domain for a while, and set up the necessities. Now this blog is up and running here, and my new email address is also reachable on the same domain. Feel free to check the about section for that.

First names on the other hand are more peculiar than last names or domains since at least somewhat polite people don’t refer to people by their last name, and domains are not that common thing to discuss at least daily. First names are something that one quite strongly identifies with and sometimes when they’re given after birth they happen to not be the ones we would prefer to have and/or be called with.

Latter had been a thing that had bothered me throughout my life for various reasons. Some who are closer to me are better aware of these reasons, and others can possibly speculate what the reasons might be. After roughly two years and after some friendly A/B testing I’ve chosen to be preferred to be known as Eva. Simple as that; let that be a new beginning to this blog.

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