Trying out a Japanese whisky advent calendar

I’ve learned a long time ago that there are different kinds of whisky calendars out there, but most often I’ve been too late to purchase one when I’ve felt like buying one. However this December is different since I got my hands on with The Spirit Co’s “Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar” just in time.

It arrived neatly a long time before December to wait it’s time to have it’s first door and a tiny bottle to be opened. The first bottle behind the first door turned out to be the “Mars Maltage Cosmo” in this case. I’m rating it to be quite fruity, smokeless (pretty much expected from a Japanese whisky) with some hints of toffee and it is in general quite pleasant as an experience.

My plan is not to make a post of the each door but I guess I will probably make a continuation post of all the doors when I’m finished with the calendar.

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