Whisky advent calendar 2023 final review

It’s been a while, but as I promised here is a follow up to the post where I got a Japanese whisky advent calendar. To put this simply, the whole table lists every whisky found in the advent calendar in order with its notes and a grade I’m giving. I would say that despite the price, it was worth ordering to give a try to various whiskies in a short period of time:

DateWhiskyNotes / thoughtsGrade (1-5)
1.Mars Maltage CosmoFruity, smokeless, some hints of toffee.4.0
2.Suntory Hakushu Distiller’s ReserveHas a bitter aftertaste but not in a bad way. Citric taste.3.7
3.White Oak Tokinoka BlackKind of earthly and woody taste.3.6
4.Nikka DaysReally smooth and also a little creamy.4.6
5.The Kurayoshi Pure MaltQuite citric and herbal taste.4.2
6.Yamazaki Distiller’s ReservePretty woody/oaky. Possibly some vanilla hints.4.1
7.Hatozaki – Blended whiskySlightly sweet and really smooth.4.7
8.Nikka YoichiSomewhat smoky and a little spicy.4.4
9.Nikka Coffey GrainKind of fruity and sweet.4.6
10.Mars KaseiReally mixed tastes. Kind of bitter in the end but in a good way.4.2
11.Nikka Coffey MaltKind of chocolate -like flavor and in general, quite sweet.4.5
12.TogouchiQuite citric. Smooth aftertastes.3.2
13.ChitaSweet or a little caramel-like taste. 4.3
14.Mars Komagatake Single MaltVanilla notes and maybe some toffee notes. Definitely one of my favorites.4.6
15.Akashi White OakKind of fresh and spicy.3.8
16.Hatozaki Pure MaltFruity, just slightly smoky and quite smooth.4.4
17.Hibiki Japanese HarmonyEither tasting a little bit like honey or fruits. Really tasty.4.5
18.Kaiyo Cask StrengthSpicy and sweet3.7
19.Suntory Whisky TokiIn general quite sweet yet has a spicier aftertaste 4.0
20.Fuyu Blended WhiskyQuite exceptional in taste so far in the list. Has really strong vanilla notes.3.9
21.Kurayoshi Sherry CaskA slightly different kind of a Kurayoshi than on day 5 and in my opinion a little better. Quite herbal but sweet. 4.3
22.AkashiFruity and kind of sweet.4.2
23.MiyagikyoA little smoky and has peanut flavors. One of my favorites.4.3
24.Yamazaki 12 YO Single MaltReally smooth and easy to drink.4.6

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